• Cinthia Fani

Meditation is more important than exercise & diet!

Never has there been more of a need to learn meditation in today’s world. It may be even more essential than keeping fit and exercising and it isn’t hard to learn. Regular meditation can actually reduce stress levels and stress is the no 1 cause of illness in society today, it is also ‘killing’ our ability to think clearly and creatively. The best way to have clarity is through a calm mind. With our meditation evenings, we offer you guided meditations which can improve your health, bring you clarity and reduce your stress.

If you have trouble quieting your mind...take the pressure off by attending a meditation circle where a facilitator (like myself) will guide you through several feel-good meditations. Guided meditation will gently bring your mind back when it wanders off.

Everything can just flow in your life if you wish it ...

Location: By The Lake Massage Therapy & Wellness Centre

110 Lakeshore Road East, Port Credit Date: Every Thursday

Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm Investment: $15

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