Here's a glimpse into what they are saying about our work together.....

Reiki clients:

"I had Reiki before from other practitioners, but nothing like my sessions with Cinthia! The healing I receive everytime I see her goes far deeper than you can imagine. She always gives me self-improvement tools that I can do on my own which helps with whatever issue I have or need to release. She is a loving soul and her hugs are so warm! I recommend the 3 session package which changed my life for the better! LUVS "

Anna Price

"I can’t thank you enough for changing my life and provide me with information that “made sense.” I needed an outside person to “give me permission” to put myself first and say “no.” Thank you for helping me empower myself! I started my own home-based business which I would have never had the courage to do on my own! Your mindset work has opened new opportunities for me which I wouldn’t have imagined. MERCI!!”

Helen Mompreneur, Montreal, Canada

​ “It was in mid May when I anxiously started searching for an alternate way of healing due to some serious health issues. With my first reiki session, I found Cinthia to be very kind, thoughtful and she made me very comfortable and the treatment very relaxing. I strongly feel that the energy treatments I have continued to have with her, helped me get over my anxiety/stress and open the energy blockages. She has a deep knowledge of what she does and gives many helpful techniques to assist in any way she can. I still continue to visit her and her sessions are always more than I would expect. It’s not just getting the treatment, Cinthia listens to you and using her intuitive gifts, gives you the best guidance. I leave after every session with a positive experience and new ways to work on myself. I see myself growing spiritually as well as in terms of health and I would strongly recommend her to my friends and family! Thank you Cinthia!!"

Ankita, Toronto

"The intuitive guidance after the reiki was like talking to a friend. What a warm soul!"


"I enjoyed a distance Reiki session as well as an Angel Card reading. Cinthia was very accurate & helped me feel comfortable. She is very empathetic & easy to talk to. Cinthia makes sure you are prepared for the Reiki session she does remotely & lets you know what to expect from Reiki & Angel messages. Thank you Cinthia!"

Nancy P.

"My 3 packaged sessions with Cinthia were so transformational, I can't explain it! Not only did I receive the much needed healing for my body & soul, but together we discovered my soul purpose and the reason I am here on earth at this time. I will need to make changes in my life so I can follow my bliss but without these wonderful sessions, I would still be living an ordinary, habitual life that was wearing my down and making me unhappy."

Anita Collins

"Cinthia is so intuitive, she blew me away! She told me things NO ONE would know and my jaw dropped! I am so aware now of what I need to work on, who knew that the pain in my knee could be healed by shifting my emotions!"

Susan L


Card Reading clients:

"I purchased the 12 month card reading package and I would 100% recommend it. I received 2 months per page and her quick summary of every month made it easy for me to remember the guidance month per month. She has a true gift of connecting with my Guides and by following the guidance, it truly made my year run smoothly!"

Roxanna  L.

​ "It was my first time and I had an amazing experience. Cynthia was very professional and knowledgeable. The card reading is not a psychic reading, its more guidance from the Angels about what you need to do to get on the right path, to move towards your goals. I loved my reading!"

Claudia R.

"Cinthia was amazing and very informative. I felt very uplifted and motivated after my angel card reading! She also gave some advice on things I can try to go in the right direction. Great session :)"

Min D.

"I was inspired and uplifted by Cynthia's cards. The reading was insightful and answered my questions. Thank you Cynthia for a divine job well done!"

Danusia L

"Cinithia was very polite and informative. I was referred to her by a friend, and I would definitely refer her to others."

Davina B.

"I was inspired and uplifted by Cynthia's cards. The reading was insightful and answered my questions. Thank you Cynthia for a divine job well done!"

Danusia L

Cinthia is a kind honest soul. I really felt the reading applied towards the steps I need to take and to continue what I'm doing to better myself. It felt like confirmation I'm on the right path vs always needing reassurance about the future. Definitely recommend.

Amanda D.

"Cinthia is intuitive, bright, and very connected. I really appreciate her insights, her time, and her energy. Highly recommended!"

Louisa A.


Success Stories from Coaching clients:


“After my discovery call, I hired Cinthia as my coach because I was drawn to her no-nonsense but loving nature. She asked me all the right questions, got to the root of the issues – issues which I didn’t even know I was still hanging on to – and together we planned and executed a life transforming strategy. When I look back at my life a year ago, I can’t believe how “blah” it was and how far I’ve come! I’ve learned so many effective tricks from Cinthia about how to live in positivity, raise my vibration and make small changes with big impact!” If happiness is your end goal in life, I would recommend working with Cinthia NOW! She doesn’t just point you in the direction of your path but she walks WITH you, hand in hand, cheering you on! I’m so blessed to have met you! “

Autumn Davies, Business Owner, Toronto

​ “I signed up with you during a very confusing time in my life… I did not realize I had such destructive negative patterns until you identified them and together we worked on banishing them! I truly believe your coaching and intuitive insights are the reason why my life has turned around for the better. I know I still have work to do on myself but without your initial help, I would still be stuck in a rut, struggling to find my path. The manifesting techniques you taught me were also invaluable – they worked so quickly!”

Amanda L. Birmingham, UK

“Thank you for everything Cinthia, before I came to see you I was still unsure of my self and had a lot of built up anxiety and was a bit unsure of what I wanted. I’ve been seeing Cinthia for about 4 months and I’m pleased to say that it has been beneficial. My sleep has improved, and my relationship with my friends, family and coworkers improved. Most importantly, I’ve learned to go with the flow and accept the present moment for what it is, good or bad, this has been key for my personal development because I’ve realized my strengths and now know where I want to be in my life. For those unsure or looking to give coaching a try, I recommend seeing Cinthia. Not only does she provide you with energy clearing sessions, she intuitively gives you insight on how to approach negative situations and guides & coaches you towards realizing your dream life.”

Fabio Toronto, IT Services

"I am incredibly blessed to be doing what I love everyday, to have the most amazing clients and to be able to witness true miracles and transformation in their lives!"

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