House Blessings & Card Reading Parties

House Blessings and Cleansing


Travel within the Greater Toronto area, please contact me for area's outside those boundaries. 
Card Reading Parties
Angel Card Readings provide a fun addition to your birthday parties, showers, bachelorette & ladies get-togethers!

Minimum 5 attendees, host is FREE. $25 setup & travel. Relaxing facials can be added by certified aestetician

Incense, Kits & Crystals      (also sold on Amazon)

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Smudge Kit for Beginners

  • This beginners kit is a great entry for someone who is new to the world of Sage Smudging. Kit Includes: 3.5" Sage Smudge Stick, 3.5-4" Abalone Shell, 4" Palo Santo Stick, Selenite crystal, 10ml Travel, Purse SAGE Mist Atomizer, easy to follow Instructions, and Blessing/Intention

  • Makes a great House Warming Gift, very effective in removing energies from the previous owners. Or gift to friend or relative going through a breakup, divorce or recuperating from surgery or illness.


Smudge Kit with 1 Palo Santo Stick, 1 Selenite Stick, Lavender & Amethyst Pendant in Gift Box

  • This kit makes a great gift! Fragrant Palo Santo has healing, uplifting properties. and Lavendar is calming & peaceful

  • Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation and it cleanses negative energies from spaces, best kept in a living room, bedroom or above/near front entrance of dwelling

  • Palo Santo wood is harvested under government supervision by the natives of the Peruvian jungle. No trees are destroyed in the collection of the wood, only twigs and branches on the ground are gathered. The sticks once lit will burn for a few seconds to a minute, then extinguish themselves, filling a room with its wonderful fragrance



4" Sage Smudge Sticks with Feather & Amethyst Pendant

  • Sage smuding kit contains: 2 California White Sage 4" sticks, Feather and Amethyst pendant

  • In a Gift Box with Instructions and example Prayer

  • Smudging is the ancient practice of using smoke from dried sage to clear away stagnant or negative energies in your home, office, belongings or yourself.


2 oz Sage Smudge Mist

  • Uplifting scent that can be used to cleanse, clear, purify and bless your space, yourself and your belongings. 

  • Infused with Quartz Crystal energy for cleansing and Black Tourmaline crystal energy for protection.

  • Each bottle is charged with New Moon energy for an extra boost of protection and renewal

  • Hand blended with Love and Care in a sacred, cleansed space. Organic essential oils of Sage, Bergamot, Frankincense & Lemon.  Reusable, recycled glass bottle and the crystals are yours to keep!

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Home Smudge Kit

  • Cleanse, Clear, Purify & Bless your home, office & surroundings with this Sacred Cleansing Kit. 

  • Kit includes:  Abalone Shell, Sacred Sage, Feather, Rose Quartz , Selenite & Candle

  • Easy to follow Instructions plus sample prayer or intention if you wish to use it, or set your own intentions for the space

  • Comes in a recycled kraft Gift Box

Manifest Your True Love Kit

  • This easy to use kit was created with LOVE to attract LOVE. Sage smudging is the first step to remove negative energies around yourself and your space.

  • This kit includes: Fragrant Soy candle, 4" Sage smudge wand, Rose Quartz crystal bracelet, Rose Quartz crystal, Instructions & Two Love rituals

  • The Rose Quartz is the stone of universal LOVE, purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

  • All items are made from nature so color & size may vary


All products are made with Love and care in a sacred, cleansed & saged place.

All items are made by nature so color & size will vary

SHIPPING:  For Canada $9 per item, combined shipping available

For US & Europe:  $14, combined shipping available

If ordering on, shipping is free in most cases

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