About Qi Body Balance

 My name is Cinthia Fani and I'm a Reiki Master, Clarity Life Coach and Intuitive Mentor. I truly believe we are all on this earth for a reason and once we figure out what that reason is, we each have the opportunity to live in great health, happiness and abundance.  

I have gone from being completely asleep to fully awake in only two years. And that was far from comfortable. But I would not trade in any of it! And that is what I now share with you and the world.

"Become the Architect of your future - only you can change the landscape of your life!" ~ Cinthia Fani

I spent years struggling to be the person others said I should be. Conforming to what society calls "normal" and feeling disempowered and drained in my corporate job of 22 years.

I was unhappy, stressed and my soul was crying out for a change. 

I then stumbled into a meditation class, hoping this new "thing" everyone talked about would provide me with that change I so desparately needed. 

I invested in myself by taking classes, courses, workshops and gained many qualifications and certificates. 

My journey to enlightenment was long but rewarding and I am still learning and growing and inspiring others to do the same. 


Trust me, I know how uncomfortable it can feel to know deep down inside you're not living your true purpose, you're missing out on something big and you're sick of settling for "good enough".

I invite you to step into the You that you long to be, to stop pushing your happiness endlessly into the future, cut the cords to your old life and shift yourself onto a different track!

I have assisted hundreds of clients in finding their true passion, given them manifesting techniques and tools to live abundantly! My mission is to inspire you to live a life of authenticity and freedom; to empower you to achieve your goals, help remove self-limiting blocks and to witness your light shine brighter than ever before!

I love what I do and am blessed to help you in your healing journey! 

I studied the following healing modalities and draw from each, as needed in my client sessions:  Reiki, Akashic Records, Hypnosis, Meditation, Angel Therapy, NLP,  Energy Work & Chakra Balancing.  I use my natural (and developed) intuitive abilities and gift as an energy healer to provide Reiki and give voice to your Angels & Guides who are constantly whispering in your ears!

I invite you to browse my site with an open heart & mind in the hope you find what you are looking for.



Reiki Master, Usui Reiki

Angel Card Reader, certified by Doreen Virtue

Life Coach, Certified Coaches Federation

Akashic Records

Certified in Hynosis

School of Natural Health Sciences

3rd Eye Attunement

Chakra Balancing Practitioner

Integrated Energy Therapy

A recent study of hundreds of patients in their 80's & 90's, when asked what they regret the most: 

What is Qi?

"Qi," pronounced "chi", is a vital energy forming part of every living thing. These vibrantly colored energy fields, have a significant effect on our health. For that reason, it is important that we sense this energy, recognize when it is off, and learn to correct the imbalance.

Cinthia will teach you how to tap into your own energies & heal yourself!

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