If you were completely limitless, how would your life look right now?

We  all  have  goals  in  life


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As we implement social distancing and prioritize staying home, most clients are opting for distance Reiki rather than hands-on, in studio sessions with me. 

With Distance Card Readings and Reiki Sessions, I am bringing the benefits of Reiki, Healing and Angelic Messages, to as many people as possible, I hope this encourages you to seek healing and help if you need it without leaving the comfort of your own home.

As an intuitive coach, I help you bring these blocks that’ve held you back for years to the surface and release them, which will provide the breakthroughs that’ll accelerate you to where you want to be.

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Cinthia was awesome. She explains what to expect before the reading and the how she connects with Angels for the reading.

The guidance given is positive and inspiring, she shows you things under a different persepctive and thats exsctly what I needed to move forward.  I really enjoyed my 40 minute reading and definitely recommend her - you won't be disappointed!

Sofia Blackwel

My name is Cinthia Fani and I'm a Reiki Master, Intuitive Mentor and Clarity Life Coach. I truly believe we are all on this earth for a reason and once we figure out what that reason is, we each have the opportunity to live in great health, happiness and abundance.  

Years ago,  out of the blue, I had a profound yet mysterious desire to break free from restrictive patterns, my life-draining job of 22 years and toxic people & situations around me. My journey was far from comfortable, yet I would not trade in any of it!

I have gone from being completely asleep to spiritually awakened in only two years. And that is what I now share with you and the world.

meet  Cinthia  Fani

I never had Reiki before, and i wanted to try it out to see exactly what the treatment entailed.  I read previously comments and reviews before I bought the session. At this time my life has been transforming, and I wanted to find the "right" person to help me with this path. I felt an immediate connection with Cinthia, as if the universe sent me to meet this particular person. She helped understand what is reiki, and after the session, the guidance I received was very honest and she took the time to explain what was happening. I didn't feel rushed as she spent time with me.  She has a warmness, calmness about her that i like being around. She is also very polite and has lots of knowledge. I would definately recommend her to others for any of her treatment".

~ Sandra Samaroo    Toronto, Canada
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“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop” 

  ~  Rumi 

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Hours of Work

Tuesday  to Friday

12.00pm - 6.00pm

Saturday  10.00am to 12.00pm

ALL sessions are done distance at this time - in-person not available 

Contact Me

110 Lakeshore Rd E
Port Credit, ON L5G 1E3

By the Lake Massage


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